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Why Christmas in Dubai?

Despite rumors “Dubai is a Muslim Country”, it’s well recognized for its fun packs of adventures, expensive malls, fast cars and a scorching sun that makes everything glitter like if it was made of Gold. This Golden City in the desert offers a perfect festive environment to enjoy a happy Christmas Bonanza and an exotic holiday but, what are these main reasons to try your December? Let’s scroll below………

Dubai Shopping Festival

This is a festival you cannot afford to miss! Bundled with insane discounts like 50% to 90% off on clothes, electronics, furniture, jewelry, and many more valuable items Dubai Shopping Festival is an event you must choose to do all your Christmas shopping from. If you term or find yourself lucky, you can also win unbelievable prizes from cars, cash, gold, and more in gifts from daily raffle draws.  Dubai Shopping Festival is usually held around the same time every year and tops one of the major reason sto visit Dubai during Christmas vacation.

Great Offers and Packages

Christmas season is always recognized as vacation season globally. For this major reason, tour operators and event organizers come up with great discounts & amazing offers to attract as much tourists as they can. These offers create a great opportunity to save you money yet experiencing the best service and a vacation in your favorite desired destination. You will never find such an opportunity any other time of the year!

What about a snowy experience in the midst of the dessert? Or, putting on your cold gear while you skiing in the desert?

Cool Fantastic Weather

Dubai temperatures can rise up to 50 degrees Celsius with the sun feeling only kilometers away. However, there is a cooler period between December and January where temperatures are slightly lower than normal. This is a good opportunity offering more time to walk around and having some fun out in the Golden Sun.

New Year Celebration

Its everyone’s wish to welcome a Fresh-New-Year in style. Capture this unforgettable yet memorable event with your friends, family or special loved one while counting down to a new year under iconic fireworks.

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