(+254) 733 485 468 / 708 158745 info@simbaltoursntravel.com
(+254) 733 485 468 / 708 158745 info@simbaltoursntravel.com

About Us

Providing Excellent Tours and Travel services worldwide.

Welcome To Simbal Tours And Travel

Simbal Tours & Travel Limited “Simbal”, was established in the spring of 2013 by Sukhwinder Singh Sandhu, at the time already a well known figure in the tourism scenario of Nairobi, Kenya. Simbal is one of the major Kenyan tour operators and grown over the years through the expertise of its staff. We have over one decade of experience in the travel industry. The company was started after a thorough groundwork by professional tour guides and consultants with the objective of not only tourist realizing their dreams but also enriching their holidays with untapped peculiarity. The company has a specific knowledge of all tourism destinations in Kenya Tanzania and is an able to select the best product, quality and rate for any destination. We have an impressive catalogue of Safaris including country packages in Kenya, Tanzania, Dubai, Mauritius, Europe, Seychelles and India. Our attractive packages include scuba diving on the East African coast including Zanzibar and Pemba, Mombasa deep sea fishing safaris, Nairobi hotels, day excursions, Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro climbing.

Our Mission

To provide a personalized and quality service to the satisfaction of our clients and promote every aspect of tourism.

Our Vision

To be an excellent internationally recognized a leading Tours and Travel Solution Provider in the Globe.

Our Goal

Providing Excellent Tours and Travel services worldwide.

About Services

We have enviable record of offering world class and unmatched service guests from across the world.

Simbal Tours & Travel, as we are fondly known by guests, has professional driver guides who have a rich bank of country knowledge therefore ensuring that our guests get worth for their money.

Our Main Services

  • Tours and Safaris
  • Passport processing services
  • Visa processing services
  • Travel Insurance services
  • Visa processing services
  • Inbound and Out bound Tours
  • Hotel bookings and Holiday package
  • Honeymoon bookings
  • Taylor made safaris
  • Car hire
  • Beach Holidays
  • Worldwide Cruises
  • Domestic & International Air Ticketing

Why to book with us?

Details make a difference

Full attention to every detail begins before departure, from the time a customer inquires about a trip and we prepare an estimate to the time travel documents are handed over, and, from then on, continue throughout the tour as we assist our customers in every step. Simbal Tours & Travel Ltd Kenya has studied every possible way to make everything simpler, safer and more pleasant.

Competitive rates and quotes

We are fully aware of the current trends pertaining to budget travel requirements. Therefore, our tour and travel representatives at Simbal Tours & Travel have the knowledge and experience to provide each and every customer with competitive prices based on your budget and travel preference for all of our Africa safaris, Kenya hotels and Mombasa, scuba diving, Mombasa deep-sea fishing safaris, Nairobi hotels, day excursions and mountain climbing/trekking.

Every vacation is a special occasion

For those who have little time available but want to capture the best in terms of colours and flavours, those who want to get to know a place they’ve never seen or go back to a location visited before, those who love freedom but want to rely on punctual and timely assistance. Our highly qualified experts are at your disposal with plenty of tips and exhaustive information, so that we can work together to define a plan and personalize it in every respect, to enable you to enjoy – if only just for a few days – an experience you will never forget.

Safe and reliable

With over 10 years of experience, privileged relationships and always improving skills, Simbal Tours & Travel responds to its partners’ needs, achieving their expectations.Added value

Simbal constantly works to achieve the best knowledge of product and destinations in order to meet the needs of all clients, increasing their business. We do recognize the fact that travel services are not complete without Additional services on the Air Ticketing. We do provide the additional services which add value to our services offered to clients.